The World's First Employee Sharing Platform

Employees earn cash and gain experience by working for other companies during their free time. Companies earn 10% commission from all their employees on the platform and get access to top talent from other companies.
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Access to talent 

Companies get revenue share from their employees and access to experienced and screened employees from other companies.

Income & Experience

Employees get the freedom to work for other companies in their free time while keeping their healthcare and other benefits with their employer.

Revenue opportunities

Startups can generate additional revenue completing tasks for larger companies and hire top tier talent with major experience to accelerate their growth.



Companies do not have to fight for employees anymore, they can share them. What is more, they can help them acquire new skills, gain experience and generate more income.

Data shows that job sharers tend to be more productive and more engaged with their everyday work.

How it works

Simple onboarding process

Companies can create profiles and easily get verified. Once the verification process is completed, its employees can join our platform with their corporate email or get invited directly by their employer. Each company has a dashboard where they can review different statistics, manage and track their employees, create personalized terms of service agreements, etc.

You are in control

Appointed company managers can post projects, browse employees that are marked as available, or create and send direct project offers to specific members of the platform. Project offers and conversations are filtered by our team in order to prevent any conflict of interest. Employees can browse projects and send or accept offers. Companies earn 10% of revenue generated by their employees on our platform.



There is a gap in the market between full-time employment and freelancing – a platform combining the structural values of both industries was missing.


and that's how Flexo was born.


Traditional employees

are leaving their jobs in order to become freelancers but they are facing issues related to healthcare and other benefits.

Small companies

are mostly not able to hire highly experienced professionals for a specific task.

Young employees

entering the market are not challenged enough on a daily basis which results in them often changing jobs.

Large companies

are looking for new revenue opportunities and dealing with a talent shortage.


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